Grade 5

New Brunswick

What home is.


Hello i’m here to explain what home means to me.To me when I think of a home you should feel safe, loved, comfortable and just to have fun.


It’s very important to feel safe. I know that sometimes I don’t fell safe but I remind myself that i’m in a safe home. Also I know that if I tell my family something personal that they wont tell anyone and that it’s safe with them. Even if there is a storm and you are scared there are people there to make you fell safe. You should fell safe doing experiments too!


You cant forget love! If you’re sad or sick or just having a bad day there are people there to love you. Sometimes you get upset and don’t fell loved but you should remember that the people in your home will always love you. When you have had a bad day there are people there to love you and listen to you. Just knowing that i’m with my family makes me fell loved!

Comfortable & Fun

Also a home is meant to be comfortable and of course FUN! First of all people think too much about the style of their home but really it should fell like home. Secondly a home is not about the size it’s not about how organized it is it’s about the people inside a home that make a home a home. When you have people over at your home you can wait to clean up after they leave. In stead of cleaning up all the time just have fun! And that’s what I think home mostly means.

Thanks for listening!