Grade 6

British Columbia

What home is too me

Home is a place for all these kids who don’t have homes its not because they just don’t feel like being in a house, they can’t be in a house because they can’t afford a house and the fact that no one is helping them terrifies me, I see you are helping I mean in a way all the kids that entering this contest are helping. I know that I’m helping in a way if I enter but I don’t want to just enter and help by giving 10 dollars. I want to give more by winning this but I mean what are the chances that me, a 6th grader winning a contest that 3000 people enter. That’s why I want to win, win to help people. Now here’s my story about what home means to me. Home is a place where I can be me, it’s where there’s no one to judge me for being me. When I’m at school the people I think are my friends are the people that say the worst things about me. And I know I can go home and eat food and be away from people that I mean nothing too. I think about people who don’t have homes, who don’t have homes that they can go to when they’re upset. I realise that people who don’t have houses must get bullied really bad. That’s why I would like to win this so I know that one kid comes home to a home. And I know that I was the one who gave that kid a house.