Grade 5


What Home is to Shermon

Shermon is a seagull. Shermon loves his home. It is a place where he invites his friends and family over to watch football games. A home is where Shermon can throw his shoes and socks off and put his feet on the table. Not having to worry about outside threats. When Shermon thinks of home, he thinks of sitting by the fire place with friends and family playing board games on New Year’s Eve, drinking hot coco and trying to stay awake. A home is a place where when no one is around Shermon can run around in his underwear. The point I am trying to make here is Shermon loves homes and he is heartbroken when he sees someone in the news without a home to live in and stay warm in. In fact, he is building homes in school so he can help give people homes to live in. Shermon believes everyone should have a home and so do I.