Grade 6


What Home is to Me

I am here to tell you what home is to me. Home is a place where I can feel safe and not worry of what might or might not happen. Home is a place where I can can play and dance and be as silly as I could possibly imagine. Home is a place where I can sit down on the couch while I cuddle with my family. Home is where I can be understood and learn my rights from wrongs. Home is where the precious moments will be cherished by me and my loved ones. When I come home I won’t ever need to worry about what I will arrive to, because I know what will await me. A nice warm bed to sleep on, a nice hot meal all ready for me to enjoy, and most importantly, a loving family. I am grateful to have a home because I know some others don’t have a home to go to. This is what home means to me. I hope it’s just as important to you as it is to me.