Grade 6


What Home is to Me

A Home is Where you laugh at your flaws and Mistakes. When I make a mistake we always laugh about it with my family and my flaws are what makes me different from them and a lot of my flaws I love. It’s a place where you feel safe and warm.I always feel warm when I’m around my family When I was younger I remember I was waiting outside the bathroom for my dad and this creepy guy was walking over and then my father came out and I felt safe again. Finally it’s a place where you share your differences. Home is a place where people don’t call you rude names non silly.I get called weird by my sibling so much but I know she’s just playing around cause she’s just as weird. Even if identify as LGBTQ+ or anything else family will always be there for you at your best and your worst. A saying that was once said in a movie really warmed my heart and it was “Ohana means family and family means Nobody gets left behind or forgotten. Never.” It speaks the truth. Family will be there at your worst at your best and will always be by your side for the rest of your life. So cherish the memories with your family and never forget them. That is what a home is to me.