Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What Home is to me

What home is to me…

If you were sitting down in your house and just relaxing, have you ever thought wow this is my home. This is what makes my house a home.

What makes my home… The people! I can’t call it my home without myself, my family and friends in it. It would not be happy any longer or be able to be called my home. I need the safety of family and others in it. That’s what makes my home mine… with my family.

Objects that make my home how it should be. It’s not home without a place for me to lie down and relax. I can’t enjoy my home with no bed or a couch to loose all the days troubles. It would not be home without my doggy! I love him to death. I know that he won’t be there physically forever but he’ll always still be there for me. would not be home without lights. It just feels right if there’s lights that can be from anything Like open windows to light my way. That’s some of the items that make my home.

These are my feelings of home. It would not be home without happiness! If I don’t feel happy in my home I would not ever call it my home. My home is where memories are made, good or bad. Home is where the love is. If the people I love are not at home then it would not be home, also I think that home revolves around love.

That’s the feelings of home to me…