Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What Home is to Me

When I’m thinking about my home, the first thought that comes to my mind is my good parents and cute siblings, also a wonderful environment. While I’m growing up, there was always a home in my memory. I was playing in my home, inviting my friends, and also eating delicious foods!
There are three things that I feel in my home
Comfortable, happy and sleepy!

As most people know, many people in this world don’t have their own home. You have to feel lucky that you have a wonderful family and good environment.

When I listen to my favorite songs on my bed, it feels like heaven! To me, my room is like a shelter in my life. I can cry as hard as I can if I am dealing with bad things. Also I can take a rest if I feel restless. Have you ever felt you want to cry as hard as you can? I cried with my face buried in a pillow when sad things happened. So home can help you mentaly and physically.
Before me and my family came to my home, my home was just a wood and concrete box. But after my family came to my home, finally the wood and concrete box became home!
A house is just a box made of wood and concrete until the family comes in and makes it a home.