Grade 5


What home is to me

Home to me is friends and family. My home is laughter, kindness and helping. If anyone else could live with me it would be a poor person or someone in need of a home.

My family
My sister is my best friend at home while my brother is the person to make us laugh and smile. Our mom is the one who’s there for me and my family members and my dad is the one who lets us snuggle. When my parents bake, I smell the food they bake and it makes me hungry.

My House
My home is light and it is darkness. My house is friends and family. In my house there’s smiles and laughter. My home has a roof that keeps me warm and dry with a family inside.

My parents keep me safe. My home protects me from the strong, cold winds outside. You don’t have to win to have to know that you did good on your writing. Winning may be nice, but it’s not a family or what matters most. So that’s why if I could live anywhere it would be in my house with my family.