Grade 6


What home is to me

Some people think a home is the same as a house, but homes are different. A house is a structure, a shape that we see every time we walk or drive down a street. A house is something people build something you buy, but home is different. A home is your safe place, the roof over your head. With the people you love, where you lay in your bed. Home is where you can be you, where you don’t have to be scared of what people think. For me, home is where my loved ones are my mom, my dad, sister, and dogs. Home is where I lay in my bed, I read, I listen to music. For some people, a home is a roof over their head with food and water. I mean having food and water and a roof over your head is nice, but that’s not what I would exactly call home for me. I could be anywhere in the world and still feel at home as long as I had my friends, family, dogs(or just my loved ones or the people I care for). For me, that is what home is to me.