Grade 5


What home is to me

Home, for me, is when I’m with family and friends. Where I’m respected .Where I ‘m fed and have something to sleep on . Where I’m allowed to draw, cook, read, play and write. Where I can garden and play outside. Home for me in Canada is with squirrels. Home can be at a friend’s house or family house; it’s still home. Home makes me feel safe and sound .Home can be big or small, I don’t care it’s still home. Home is where I am recognized for who I am. When I come home from school I see my family. My grandparent’s house is like another house because we spend so much time together. Home is where I see my family’s face every day, I am lucky to have a roof over my head that my mom works hard for. When I’m home I am supported by my family. My friends support me when I don’t even support myself friends like Leah.

In conclusion, for me, home is where the heart is.