Grade 4


What Home Is To Me

To me home is a place that you can feel comfortable and safe,
warm and happy, and even more loved,
home is my happy place,
and my happy place is my favourite spot to be in.

When I close my eyes I realize that I am the luckiest person in the world,
Iḿ not rich or wealthy but I have everything I need in my house,
I have my family ,food and a cozy place to sleep,
my mom my dad my grandma and a pile of books that make me happy.

Sometimes I remember that others don’t have the same, and then those that have so much fame,
The difference it makes when you close your eyes,
you think to yourself and you realize,
many are suffering and they need more.

They need much more,
they deserve clothing that they do not have,
food that they can’t afford,
and much more that they need and deserve.

When you think of things this way,
it makes me feel like I feel today,
sad, and not sad for myself, but for those who are suffering,
And that’s why I wrote this poem,
For those who need more, and now I feel even more,
everyone needs a home.