Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home is to Me

Home to me is a place I’m safe.
A place to be with my family
And accept any apologies.
Home is a place to be warm,
While there’s a storm.
It’s a place to get together and eat,
And then after have a little treat.
My home is a place I can rest,
And always wake up feeling blessed.
It’s a place to feel happy,
And after have lots of candy.
A home around Christmas is where you sing around the tree,
And let yourself be free.
Home is a place to have family time,
And stay away from any crime.
If you don’t have a home,
You’ll probably feel alone.
Home around Christmas smells of baking,
Then after you sit together while praying.
Christmas isn’t a time to be jealous of other homes,
It’s a time to be fortunate for your own.