Grade 5

Shoal Lake

What Home Is To Me

Home is a place to feel loved for and cared for. It is a place to spend time with friends and loved ones. Home is like a big marshmallow to fall on after a hard stressed out day. Home is a place in the family and in your heart. It is also like a safe with forty-six of the strongest locks in the world with fifty-six of the softest pillows in the world. Home is in your heart, it does not have to be a physical place because a home is more than that. My home is full of memories but my favourite memories are in my bedroom.

One memory I have was when I fell asleep in my laundry basket. I also like to be in my bedroom, my living room, and my basement. Now that the basement may sound like a weird place to like, but I love to play down there. I love hockey and I like to play hockey downstairs. I also like my small living room downstairs. Everyone deserves a basement, in case of a natural disaster such as a tornado. My favourite place in the basement is the hockey net and the sticks.

I also love to be in my kitchen. There are lots of memories in the kitchen. I am still learning how to cook. My favourite thing to make is eggs. The kitchen is one of the most important things because you get to cook, bake, and most importantly; make memories.

I am so grateful to have a great home. My wish is for people without homes to get homes.