Grade 4


What Home Is To Me

I think home is the safest place you could be. To me love, comfort, and memories are what home is. It is a place where you can be yourself without feeling embarrassed.

I feel loved from others at home and I love others at home, too. I love it when I’m at home in a blanket playing a game with my family!

When I’m at home I always make memories. Even if it’s a new home, then my family and I can make NEW memories, like…my first steps, how to talk, and how to make friends
where ever I am.

At home I always feel comfort. I never really get embarrassed, like if I fall off a chair I would not get embarrassed but at school I would.

That is what home is to me – love, comfort, and memories. And just remember to always be thankful to have a home unlike others. What is home to you?