Grade 5


What Home Is to Me

A home to me is more than a roof held up by walls.
It’s more than a place where you eat, sleep and drink.
It’s a place where you should feel safe. It’s YOUR home.
The meaning of home is somewhere where you feel comforted, somewhere where you can escape the outside world.
You should feel familiar with your home, whether it’s small, shared with other people, whether it’s messy or clean.
A home should feel permanent, even though it might not be.
You should cherish this space, where you can be yourself, where you can cry, scream or jump for joy.
A home should be one of your favorite places, even if you have other special spaces.
One of mine is my soft cozy bed, where I can read, write, sleep or feed my bright little fish.
There’s usually somewhere in your home that you think is the best, sometimes it’s the kitchen, the dining room or the small family den.
If you have special people to share the comforts of your home with, it makes it five, ten, fifteen times better.
If you have a pet (or two) include them so it’ll make the memories worth remembering.
It starts off as an apartment, condo or house, but after you’ve decorated it, renovated it, made it your own it becomes a home.
The meaning of home is complicated, but the best way to describe it… A home is a place of your own.