Grade 6


what home is to me

What is home? Home means different things to different people. To me, home means safety and shelter. A place to live with family and have fun.
One thing that reminds me of home is safety and shelter. My home keeps me safe from storms. It keeps me warm and dry. It also protects me from bad people. That’s why I remember home when I think of safety and shelter.
Another thing that brings up home is my family. I live with my hard-working dad, my mom, and my brother, Josh. I like to share news from school with mom. I learn a few things at home, and I try to teach some things to Josh. That’s why my family brings up home.
At home I enjoy many activities with Josh. We try to play Wii every day, although I can do without it. we always watch in the evenings and in the afternoon for snack. We don’t often play outside because we usually play LEGO together. Those are some of the things I do at home.
That is what home is to me. Its safety and shelter, family, and fun. I know home is different for everyone, but it’s still your home.