Grade 6


What Home Is To Me


Many different people have many different types of homes. There are big homes and small homes. I think it’s very important to have a home with love. Today I will be discussing my definition of home. The meaning of home to me is a shelter that keeps you away from the cold and gives you warmth with love, a family and heating. A home is a place filled with love and laughter. A home is a place with a whole family not just a single person. Your home is not a place but a feeling. Home is where you hang your heart. A family makes a house a home. Everyone who has a home should be grateful for it and what’s inside your home and all the people in it. You should love all those who are in your home and respect them so they will do the same to you and they will respect you when you go to their house. When I’m in my home I feel safe, protected and loved. I know that everyone loves me and I will not be judged on my personality and opinion. In my home we all have amazing laughs and we all have a great time and we all love each other. To me, home is where dreams come true and where laughter never dies. Home is where old friends reunite and where I feel most loved. When I think of home I feel warmth and comfort when I’m with my family. Home is where memories are made.

Mia Radunovic