Grade 6


What Home Is To Me

What Home is to Me
By: Traydon

Home is a place where I can relax
To calm my chills
To not get the thrills
To watch hockey
And play it myself
To put my collection up on my shelf
A home is a place with memories and support
With a family to help you with stuff such as sports
A Home will help you with all sorts
A home to me, as you see
Is really just a happy family
For a home to one a home to all
My Family is happy with what we got
Still in our home we do fun stuff
Other than cleaning
And folding laundry up
I like our home the way it is
I wish other people could have homes like this
With a roof over my head
And a room with a door
I’m sure people see
What home means to me
With people watching over you
Your fellow past loved ones
Are watching you too
They have their best wishes
To keep you safe
In a place you call Home with personal space
Another little home
Is a place we call the Lake
It started off there
In our little cabin
Me and Mom
My brother too
Then we met Dad
And a another fellow brother
And here we are now
I’m sure everyone’s home
Has a story with it
But a home to me
Your reading it you see
A home is a place to call my own
With toys and others and stuff like drones
The house that we have
I’ve got no broken bones
That’s a Home to me
I’m happy as you see.