Grade 5

St. catharines

What Home Is To Me

A home is important and here are some reasons why a home is important.

Home has love and safety. Love from friends and family every day. Safety from storms and bad people. Also, family cares and have pictures in a home. Some don’t feel safe in a certain house and homes make people feel safe.

Also, the home has privacy unless you have a sibling or a pet. Outside is not private and it is loud.

Home stores happiness and joy for good times in the past and near future. It lets the happiness come out when a friend is over and when there is a fight, joy comes and makes people happy once again.

Home is also unique because it makes people happy but some don’t have a home because of a disaster. A home can be somewhere outside to some people and to others, it can be anywhere.

These are some out of a lot of reasons why a home is important.