Grade 5

British Columbia

what home is to me

A house is different then a home, because a home is special to everyone in the world, and everybody home is excitingly different. But a house is a box in different colors, shapes and sizes. My home is unlike other homes because of all the colors in my home. My room is special because of all different memories. So for me home is a place where I can go and get reset after a long day of work or school. Home is a place where I can go to help my family or get help when I need help. In my home family time is very important. Home is
very important to me because of all of my family, and all My items that I have. So my family and I like to play outside and we also play a lot of board games together. Home to me A home is a place where I can invite my friends or family to play or eat dinner. In my home there are a lot of things to do, but one of my favorite activities to do is listen to music and play hockey with my brother and my neighbor. So home can be different but to me home is about family and friends doing things together, and having fun together. In my home there are a lot of different activities to do in my home, so I do what I can in one day and what I can’t do tomorrow or the next day. And that is what home means to me.