Grade 4


What Home is to Me

When I think of home I think of the warm bed I get sleep in at night. I am thankful for a bed I can rest in inside a warm house. A home is important for all people because they need a warm place to live too.
When I am at home I feel loved and cared for by my parents. A home is special for everyone to have so they can feel loved and cared for just like me. A home will give them a place to belong.
Some people though have to sleep out on the streets. It makes me feel very sad and upset because I am so lucky to have a place to call home.
A home is like a warm hug. It makes you feel welcomed. I wish that others had a place where they can feel loved and cared for and welcomed. I want everyone to have a warm place to live. I hope that in the future everyone will have warm house to live in and feel cared for and loved by a parent.