Grade 6

Lower Sackville
Nova Scotia

What Home Is To Me

What Home Is To Me.
February 5 2021.

Home is where you build up memories.
Home is a place to feel comfortable.
Home is a place to feel accepted in.
Home is like a best friend.
Home lets you stay away from drama.

Home is where we love.
Home is where you eat.
Home is a safe spot, as it will always be there for you.
Home is where you see your family and pets.
Home, to me, is loving, great, and beautiful.

When I wake up, I cherish every moment, because I have a roof over my head.
When I wake up my family is always there and always supporting me.
When I wake up I get things done/help out, especially for the loved ones.

Having a roof over my head and having food, water is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Always think about what you’re doing before you do it.
If you think once, make sure you think again.

Home is a cherishing spot to be in.
Home helps you feel better again.
Home is where I have friends and relatives over.

Be careful with what you do.

Don’t let people bring you down, because houses have your back.
And my house will always have my back
Because it does have my back.

Stay safe and be careful with what you say.
Make good choices and listen to your gardiens.
And never forget, that this someone will always be with you no matter what you do.

You’re remembered by everyone, and you are a part of anything.

Home is the wealthiest place you could ever be apart in.
You’re welcomed to anything, as a household☺☺.