Grade 6


What home is to me

What home is to me

The lake is my second home
When I go to the lake I get to see my cousin and my grandparents. I love playing card games in the warm weather with my family. I also love having a fire before going to bed. I love going tubbing because I get to spend time with my cousin and my sister and it’s very exciting when we hit big waves. I love the lake.

My home is where I’m safe
In my home I feel loved, comforted and safe because I’m with my family. I can kick back and relax without feeling worried about anything. I can do anything I want and I won’t be judged. That’s why I feel safe in my home

My dance studio is my home
Everyone at my studio is so supportive and nice. All my friends are like a huge family. When I’m dancing I never want to stop, and when I’m there I never want to leave. I can express how I’m feeling without using words. That’s why I love my dance studio.