Grade 4


What Home is To Me

What home is to me
What makes a place your home is your family or friends that fill your home with love. You can curl up in a blanket by the fire or watch T.V. with your family. When you come into your house from playing outside the smell of your favourite meal will fill your nose holes. Your parents can tell you about you as a baby while you eat a delicious feast. Some may be funny and make you laugh and spit out all your milk. Your pets are a big part of your home too. You can hear your dogs barking and your cats purring. Noises you can hear are your dad snoring and your mom watching T.V. Some homes don’t have a T.V so maybe your mom is baking cookies. Home is not just a place to live and eat it is a place for family to meet and to share our dreams with each other. Home is family.