Grade 4


What Home Is To Me!

I open the door and what do I see, A Magical place for my family and me. I go the the fireplace, cozy and warm, to help me be happy during a terrible storm.

It’s not just the lights that my house bright, but all of the memories which makes my home alright. I am very grateful that my home has food, which is also another beautiful thing that my house includes.

Without a family or a home, what would I do? Wait, i know, I’d probably feel like i got crushed by a shoe! I’m so lucky that I have a home and a bed, there sorta like my closest friends!

A house is a place where songs and games are played, I don’t ever think those memories will ever fade! My home is a special place to me, I don’t think anyone would disagree!

I am very grateful that i have a beautiful family and home, I don’t think i’d ever have to roam. I don’t think that i’d ever spend my life alone, because I have a beautiful place called HOME!

This is what HOME mean’s to me!