Grade 6


What Home is to me

Home to me is a safe place to be.

And here is why.

Every time I come home I see my grandma first.

Then after I smell fresh cooking from my grandma.

My grandma is important to me because she always wants me and siblings safe.

It’s true my grandma makes my house feel like a home but she is not the only thing that makes me feel at home.

Another important thing is the picture of all my family, it important to me because, I will always remember them when I’m older.

I have so many memories that I need to say, but I will only say three.

The first memory is when I moved about five or four times, second memory is play my first year of hockey and I couldn’t even skate, last memory is when my baby nephew.

He was born in 2019!

And my belongings are my bed, my books, my phone, my iPad, , my iPod.

My home to me is a place where I can be safe ALL the time.

My home is where I have someone to rely on too.

My parents are also really important to me.