Grade 6


What Home is to me

I just loved the city this year. When I started school this year my apartment was not even set up. It did not feel like home. Now it does feel like home because I can organize my room the way I like it.

I feel like I am at home when I come home from school and I can just go flop on my couch grab my I pod and wait for my mom to get home from school. So I can spend time with my mom, brother, and my dog. Sometimes I play on my ps4 while my mom cooks dinner but sometimes if my mom is in a very good mood I can help my mom make dinner and after we can go watch a movie. My mom goes to school almost all the time but it will get her a job.

My dad, I see my dad every other weekend we spend almost all weekend with him. We always do special things when we can. My dad lives in Ottawa. He lives in a house. We have our own room there.

I have a twin brother. When I am with my brother I am always happy. He lives with me all the time. We share a room together and almost everything including our PS4. My dog I really just walk him, feed, and pet him. I still really love him very much.

I guess home to me is where my brother is and my stuff. I still split my time with my parents and I have lived in the country but I guess it means that if my brother is there and my stuff is there it is home to me.