Grade 4


what home is to me

What Home is to me

Home is where you feel safe, while outside is unsafe, home is heaven. Home is a right, it makes me feel petrified and sad to think about those who don’t have one. Home is a freedom not a luxury. Home is a need not a want. It’s rest and comfort that everyone should have. There’s good and bad memories for everyone to have.

Full of family and friends home is the best place to me. Home is funny and home is happy and it should be a place for all, big or small. Because home is a freedom deserved for all. Home is a safe place that all should have. Lots of people together can help the cause for people with no place to stay because they have no money to pay. Home is a warm blanket but the homeless have to find a box and sleep in the cold alone.

Home is colorful while the homeless have to sleep out in the dark and grey, outside in the cold and wet snow. Home is relaxing, while sitting in the frozen cold is very hard. Homeless people have the right to have a home but only a couple dollars they own. Home is fun family time while homeless have to earn money with no family time even if they are lucky enough to have a family. Freetime is home while homeless people have no free time at all. Home is a space that everyone must have. Because they are humans too. Just without the home that everyone should have.