Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home is to Me

Home is where you are safe, home is where you can eat. I call my home a safe place. My family is where I feel safe. Whenever I come home, I feel welcome. Home can be anything, vans, tents and even shelters. We are reading a novel where the main character and his mom live in a van. They call it a home and I do too. Noticing he’s homeless, it makes me sad. He sees that whenever he goes to his friends house, he’s happy. Then he goes back home to the van, he’s sad. Afterwards, he notices that he’s homeless.
Home is where you are warm. If you go to your backyard and get cold, just go inside and you will feel better. My home makes me feel grateful because some people don’t have a home. Home is where you can feel happy. Going to find food in your fridge or playing with my sister makes me happy. I love my house. Me near my family makes me grateful because some people don’t have one.
It’s crazy that some people have two or more houses. Sometimes they’re massive! That’s a lot of money spent! Sometimes I wonder what they do for a living. Maybe they own a company? Maybe they made a book that got famous? Maybe they own a mall? Who knows. That thought keeps me up at night. Houses seem small on the outside, but you go inside and it’s massive. Don’t you ever go into your house and say ”wow.”. Houses with plants are beautiful. You walk in, and you see so many plants. Thats awesome. The smell of the plants is amazing.
I share my home with my sister, mom and my dad. They love me and I love them. I know that they care for me and I do too. Whenever I come to my home, I feel welcome. I see my family as someone I can trust. My family is awesome.
I feel warm at home. I feel loved at home. I feel happy at home. I feel safe at home. I feel cared for at home. Don’t you feel safe, cared for, happy, warm and loved at home too?