Grade 6


What Home is to me

What is home to me
Where my family is and my friends are in Sharbot Lake, Napanee, Barrie and Ottawa but not where I live now in Kingston. My parents are not together so I live in Ottawa when I am with my dad and I live with my mom most of the time where I go to school in Kingston.

Sharbot Lake
Is like my home because it was where I lived for most of my life until we had to move to Kingston. Now, I do not get to see my friends anymore. Sharbot Lake is about an hour north of Kingston and too far to visit most of the time.

My home
I consider my home to be in Ottawa and Napanee but I live in Kingston. I do not like it here but my mom says that this is your home now. I told her it is not, Ottawa and Napanee is my real home. Kingston will not be my home forever.

Moms vs dads
My mom lives in the city but she lived in the country and it was awesome there because my friends are there. My dad lives in the city. He lives in the city but I like it there because I feel welcome. I like my step brother there too.

Country vs city as a home
The country is better than the city because I made friends better in the country than the city. I have not made many close friends in the city yet… My principal thinks that I am not adjusting well. My mom says that I am not adjusting well as well. My teacher thinks that I am adjusting quite well and that change will be a part of my life forever. I guess you can say that your home can always change from place to place but as long as I keep learning and being kind to everyone I will find my “home” again soon.