Grade 5


What home is like to me

What home is like to me

Home is a place where I feel warm, loved and listened to. It is a physical structure where I live in and put my stuff in. I am always accepted, wanted, bully free and have the loving essence of my family. Home is irreplaceable. In your home you could sleep, do your homework, eat whenever and however and talk to your friends and neighbors. Taking three things from my home would be impossible. It is such a comforting and loving place where everything is so beautiful, if I was in that situation I would not take anything because the objects in my home are like people you cannot pick between your mom and dad it is the same things with the objects in my home.

Ma maison est très personnelle à moi. Il y a beaucoup d’émotions différentes que j’ai vécu dedans. Le montants de chose qui la fait parfaite sont interminable. If I would move away to a new city, country or state. I would need to take my family, my things and the objects. If all those are not with me the home I bought should be called a house instead. My home is amazing. Beautiful and any other adjective that means that. But also it is amazing to have a country where it is peaceful. LIving in Canada makes it the best because we are free of war. I know that not every country gets the royalty of not having war, having an issue with food or a house,condo,duplex and apartment you name it. “Habitat for Humanity” does the great to give a house to people all over Canada who are in need.