Grade 4


What Home Is In ABCs

Attic – best place to store memories.

Basement – to get friends together and hang out!

Couch- to have fun with my family!

Dinner- Dad- and most importantly DESSERT- yum! Thanks for keeping it!

Eggplant-, I love dinner but eggplant yuck!

Food- my home keeps my food safe and sound thanks home!

Garage- to be with family,friends and most importantly the memories!

Home- the BEST PLACE EVER!!!!

Ice cream- it’s my favourite dessert, that my home keeps!

Junk-one man’s junk is another word for one man’s treasure!

Keys- I´ll make sure my home is always safe!

Lunch- yum! I love warm food!

Moon – I love the moon when I look out the window.

Nest- I saw a nest out the window of my home! I love seeing the birds!

Octonauts- I have loved watching Octonots since I was little.

Paradise- aka BEST PLACE EVER AGAIN!!!

Ques-t the quest for taking out the trash…

Rain -I love watching the rain out my window!

Sunset- I love watching the sunset out my home’s window.

Telephone- are a great way my home has to bring family together.

Universe- my home is a PARADISE AND A UNIVERSE NOW!!!!!

Vacuum- to keep all that dust away from my home!

Window-so many memories out that window! What a good idea for W!

Xylophone- my old xylophone when I was a baby at home, aww!

Yellow- yellow walls at my old home loved it!

Zip zap zoom- there goes the years I am nine almost ten!