Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What home is for me

Home is where I can be myself and care for my family and friends, its strong on the outside but cozy ,warm and safe on the inside. I love it when my family and I sit around the table and tell all are of there day and how grateful I am for them. Home is the place I am able to say all of my worries too! Home is where I can be me and go to sleep and then start a new and fresh day tomorrow, home is where I can not be put down or let out. Home is where I can say all my anger from that day, home is a strong place that can keep my secret`s and where i belong. Home is the place that can have mixed emotions, home is a big big place it can go sometimes from Canada to Australia, your home can be wherever you want it to be. It can be around the world or it could just be in one place or country, home is a place of love, family, friends, joy and that is what home is to me.