Grade 6


What home is (disclaimer this is not a poem)

Home is a shelter that can be easily moved to anywhere, but a house will always be in a single spot. There can be anything in a home but unfortunly some people don’t have anything to have. There are a lot of different house like a condo or a two-story house, but a home can be the streets or a homeless shelter or even maybe a tree but probably not, there are a lot of key words, so I have a list here that mean a lot to me family and safety and warmth.

The most important thing in my home is my family.

Why is a home important you may ask? Because you need some where to stay and rest, but everyone has a home, my home is Canada.

WHAT’S important in my home

One thing that is important in my home is family, warmth, my dog, a place to rest, food, water, comfy couch, and entertainment. The reason I am making this is to help people that don’t have a home and this is the end of my word document, see ya later.