Grade 4


What Home is…

Home is where you can be yourself, where you can have fun and where you can express yourself. Home is where life begins, where you say your first word, where you have your first laugh.

Home is where your heart grows, no matter where you go home will always be yours.

Home is where everyone feels safe but if you move after even two years you will still consider your old house home. Home is where everyone is happy. Even after fighting with your siblings you always share a good laugh. Home is where you are always loved even if you think you aren’t.

Home is where you are always warm and invited in because you know you are safe and you are comfortable. Have you ever walked in to your home and got a breeze which feels like freedom and that scent of your home which gives you good vibes. When you enter your home good vibes give you all the good old memories that you had with your friends and family. It doesn’t matter what your house looks like if it is small or big, ugly or pretty, just as long it’s loved.

You probably never realized this but home is where all your food is and where you get cleaned and without it you wouldn’t have anything except family. It also is a place you sleep. Not everything is a home you can have a roof on the side of a street but its still not home, because you don’t have a bed or you don’t feel safe. That is why it is important to have a home.