Grade 6


What Home is

Beep beep beep bep I go to open the door,and there my loving family is waiting at the door for me With a hug and a kiss locked and loaded to welcome me back home.

A home is much more than walls, a roof and a floor.What makes a house a home is the people inside it.The people that want to cuddle with you next to the warm crackling fireplace.The people that comfort you when you get in a petty fight with your friend and then they tell you that your in the rong. A home is a place where people dont judge. It’s a safe place. A home is a place where people choose to spend time with you. They’re not forced to . The smell of fresh cookies out of the oven fills up your home with a warm and fuzzy feeling . Suddenly everything is good in the world because you’re with your family and nothing could possibly go wrong . But a home can also be kaotic. Siblings fighting , pet knocking things over, things not working. But that is what makes the house a home. It’s not perfect . It doesn’t look like a stock photo, it doesn’t look fake like no one’s living there. It’s used, it’s not just a big space with nothing in it.