Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Is

What home is.

Home is not just a place to sleep. Home is not just a place for food. Home Isn’t just a place for all of your needs.
Home is a place which is everything, and everything in between.
Home is a place where you are cared for, a place where you never feel scared. Home may not be just roof and walls. It is where you fall, and get back up again.
Home can have more than just you; it can have people who love you too. The people who are here are as caring and a part of your home too.
Home is where you can be yourself, and not be afraid.
A home can be anything, big or small. It can be an apartment, your relatives’ house, a place as important as school.
Yet there are so many homes, not all are just habitats. Some cannot have a bed; some can have you as the only resident.
This poem I wrote may not rhyme, but at least it means something more than just a poem.