Grade 5


What Home Is

What Home Is

By: Hayley

Whenever I think of home, I think of my safe space. My happy place. The place I want to go to.

No home is built with just wood, cement, and shingles. It’s also made up with all the love and trust you add into it. I know that’s how mine was built.

Everyone deserves a home, because everyone should get to say how they feel about their home. My home touches my heart when I think back to all the good, sad, even bad times. You look back at them and laugh, smile, or cry. The memories are in the foundation of you house.

Home is my favourite place to be because my family is there. We celebrate traditions and visit with other family members. We celebrate Christmas, Easter, New Year’s and our birthdays. We always have fun because we’re family, and we love each other.

I love home, because I can be myself there. And when I walk through the door and my dogs run up to greet me, I realize that we love our dogs like we love our home, because our home is in our hearts. And it always will be, no matter what