Grade 4


What Home Feels to Me

Home is a place where there is love with your family, in your home, there are people you love and people you always want to be around. If you are sad they can help you and make you feel better, if you are struggling in school they will be by your side and help every step of the way even if it takes more than 100 steps. They will be by your side no matter what, a family is an amazing place because even if you get mad at them they will still always be there for you and that’s the best part about family.

A family is also a place where you can eat delicious meals that are cooked homemade by your mom or dad when you step into your house you can smell the delicious food that your mother has made for you. Waiting for you to eat. You can eat whatever you want because you have enough money to buy as much food as you want. Unfortunately, homeless people can not buy enough food for themselves let alone their family and friends, I am so thankful for my parents because they give me money to buy food and they make food when I don’t feel good as well as when I am hungry.

In my home, we have a culture, and our culture is Muslim. We have poster frames in our house that represent our culture, we love our culture because of the amazing food my mother makes. My culture is who I am and I love who I am, and nothing is going to change me and no matter what anyone says.

Home is a place where you can play with your toys, and when you are sad or when you are made home is a place where you can do your work or play but home is where there is love and I love my home. When you buy something you don’t need you should think again because instead of buying that thing you can give that money to charity.