Grade 5


What Home Feels Like To Me

What home feels like to me is when i come home it’s cold out but the thing is when you walk in the house it is nice and warm, you take off your jacket at might be cold but later on it’s going to be nice and warm. Now it is dark out it’s cold out then your room starts to get a little bit cold,you get into bed with your warm blanket your soft pillow then you fall asleep into that warm bed.Then you get up from that warm bed and blanket ,then you fold your blanket and go get ready for work or school in nice clean clothes then you put back your warm jacket and go to school (work) then you go out imagine your house it has four walls two roofs 1 big roof and 1 small roof.

Why people deserve homes you might be thinking but what i think why people deserve homes is so that it could be peaceful when they go to bed and so that they don’t have to sleep outdoors because it is cold and when it is summer it’s hot out right? Some people have to sleep under trees or a different place they can get sun burn so that is why i think everyone should deserve homes! Plus some people have a truck or a van or a type of car and cars don’t have that much space.