Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Feels Like to Me

What does home feel like to me? WELL, what’s the difference between a HOME and a HOUSE? House has a roof, some walls, and a fish(probably). But a HOME, a home is a place that you feel safe. It’s not just a building, it’s someplace where memories happen, FUN happens, and also where you shoot your mom’s computer with an airsoft gun because you were being an idiot and thought it would create, like a nuclear reactor or something. Okay, okay i’ll get to the point soon so you don’t have to be reading for an hour… Some people don’t have a home, but they still can call a box a home. They have EXACTLY what we have, a place you feel safe, a place you feel welcome, and a place to have memories. So, now that you read that part what do you think home means? Well, maybe it means that it’s a place that you can feel welcome. So, how about I answer the question. What does home feel like to me? I kinda already explained how others might feel about their home, like my teacher said, a home could be a friend’s house, or a place you like to visit. That’s a home. A house is a building you live in. It could be a hotel that is a house probably not a home because you will only stay there for a short period of time. Home to me feels like an orange.
Oranges are sweet. The sweetness is the happy memories, but sometimes the orange is sour, and ROTTEN. Those are bad memories. FEELING is the peel. It covers the oranges in a mixture of emotion, when you come home after a bad day, you feel better and safe. And collapse onto your bed. Home feels to me like the place where you can be yourself, a place where you can never have any belittles on something. And finally where you can call it home.