Grade 6


What Home Feels Like to Me.

What home feels like to me.

Home feels like a good shelter. Home is people who love me and will take care of me when I get home. Every day when I’m cold, when I walk in the door, suddenly I feel warm and it feels really comfortable to me. It’s a good, safe place to be.
Home smells like hot chocolate on a cold day, from walking a dog, or playing with my friends. Home smells like lasagna, fresh bread and cookies. Everyone should be able to have that. Home tastes like a good, yummy bite of cheesecake, pumpkin pie, and homemade pizza. Home sounds like laughter, sizzling food cooking, and the sounds of lots of busy people, moving around. Home sounds like everyone shouting “Welcome home!” in excited voices, so happy to see me. Home looks like a bright, warm and welcoming place to go after a hard day. Home looks like running hugs, a yummy meal on the table, a warm fireplace and my cat, curled up in my bed at night. Home feels like a nice warm hug. It feels safe, and filled with love, and it feels like my favourite place to be.
Everyone deserves to have a nice home. Some place that they can feel safe, and that they can call their own.