Grade 6

grande prairie

What Home Feels Like…

To me, home feels like a safe place.
A place that I can snuggle with a book and not worry about what is going on around me.
It is a place where I can express my opinions without being judged.
When I sit on the couch and look around me it feels like I am in a movie where home is a safe and secure place.
When I go on a trip I always want to go back to my safe place where I can snuggle with a book or even just go inside my head and think how blessed I am to have a home.
A Lot of people don’t have a home or they do but they don’t feel safe.
In my life I have helped build a few homes and I’ve seen how much it means to have a home.
What home feels like to me is a question I like to ask myself and my answer is.
Is part of who I am.
My home is where together my family works to keep it warm and welcoming.
My home is where I am most comfortable and at peace.