Grade 4

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

What home feels like

Home means a calm and peaceful place to sit and pet your pets. A nice and soothing place to have fun, really. Another thing is to have family and love surrounding you. When you have love surrounding you it also makes you not angry and you also feel so calm that you almost fall asleep because you’re so calm. Your brothers/sisters make your home nice and happy that’s the same way for your pets too they give you the same type of happiness. Even if you just open your window, it’s just so peaceful. Especially when your mom bakes some nice and warm bread when it’s fresh from the oven. Most important area is if you don’t have a good place to sit down and relax you’ll be sad. But a home is probably one of the best you can have ever. Also the nice plants that cover you from the storm when it’s night time. The best thing is to lie down and shut your eyes to have a nice warm nap in your bed after the long school day and calm down with your pets. Everything in your home is just things: your tv, toys, phones/ipad but your family and your home is the only thing you need because it’s family and if you get hurt your family will help. If you drop something your family will fix it. That’ what family is for and that’s called ‘’Love’’. Because love is the best thing you will ever have in your lifetime. I know you like devices and screens but family is the only thing you need. The sound of the birds chirping and the dogs howling in the night time when your younger siblings are sleeping under the nice warm blankets.