Grade 4

Saint John
New Brunswick

What Home Feels Like

What home feels like to me Sutton

What home means to me and why every body deserves a home to live in and be safe.

Firstly, my home is loving because everyone gives me hugs all the time and my parent’s do a lot of stuff with me like me and my dad spent a lot of time together and me and my mom also spends a lot of time together too.

Furthermore, my home is safe because I have a roof over my head and my mom or dad are always with me all the time when I need them. when I’m scared they come to see me.

Also, my home is comfortable because my soft bed and my comfy couch that I lay in every day and were my dreams come true when I fall a sleep. Also were I snuggle up all the time to keep warm and to be safe.

As you can see, my home is loving safe and the most comfortable place ever .So I think every body should have a home they love and care for.