Grade 6

Cote Saint Luc

What Home and House Means to Me

ave you ever wondered about the difference between a house and a home? I never really thought about it but when i did, i started to think it is much different than what i had thought. A home is where you feel comfortable and a house is a structure that you live in. In a house the people inside can make you feel different emotions. I started to think about the things that were alike between the two and what is different between them. You can have happiness in a house and in a home.

The first aspect i would like to talk about is how a home can make you feel. A home can make you feel warm. You can feel warm when you are sipping some hot cocoa on a soft, fuzzy blanket curled up into a ball. Or it can make you feel warm, like a feeling in your body. For example, when somebody gives you a complement, you can feel a rush of hot heat through your body that makes you feel proud or accomplished. Or when you did something nice for somebody you feel good. A home means to me a bunch of people loving and caring surrounding you that can either make you happy or sad but a home does not need to be a place that you live.

When you think of a house you think of a structure where you and your family lives. But for example if you go to sleepaway camp you have a new house: your bunk. And you have a new family: your friends that live with you. I started thinking you have two families: your friends and your family. You also have a community and that does not mean that your whole , friends and family all live in your house. No that means that they can be as close as family but they are not connected with you by blood. That means that the people that are connected by blood live in your house. I think that the difference between a home and a house is not so different after all.

They are not so different because they can both have love and support. They can both have warmth in different ways but they both have different characteristics. One example is that a home does not have to have have heating and beds and food. Having a home and house is a little bit different but to me I rather have a home than a house because if you have friends, they can lend you whatever you need. They can also bring you into their house. There is nothing better than having friends and family who will take care of you.

To conclude I think that if you had to choose a home or a house there is nothing to compare. it is good either way but just remember you always want a friend with you.