Grade 5

British Columbia

What Feels Like Home

When I walk in my home, I feel welcome. Home is where all your dreams come true. At home, happiness surrounds you. You have a meal every lunch and dinner. You are warm, cozy and healthy. That’s what a home feels like to me.
At home you have a family that treats you right. You have friends that care about you. Lots of kids have lots of fun with toys. And adults have a phone to text on. In a home you are loved.
In a home you have a room. And in that room you have a bed. You have clothes that you can wear. You have good dreams inside your head. You feel cozy. You feel great. Home is a cozy place.
At home you feel safe. Home is a very secure place. Home is where you can watch TV. Home is where you have clean water. And at home you have beautiful aromas in the air.
At home you are healthy and comfy, cozy and loved. No one wants to live on the cold hard street. With bugs crawling everywhere and no food and no care. So that’s why everyone deserves a home.