Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

What feels like home to me

To me, my home is my safe place. I always have people who care so much about me and will always protect me. I also feel at home on a horse, with my friends, or with my aunt, who lives in Ottawa. Things aren’t going well from people who don’t have a safe home to live in and we are here, just living in peace and quiet. It’s not fair to them, but I also know that sometimes a home isn’t enough of a safe place, being with friends means that your also safe. If their real friends they will protect you. I will always feel safe when I have friends and family with me, I hate seeing people suffer and no one is doing anything about it. Some people have a “home away from home” I’m used to flying on a plane a lot, but I think that my real “home away from home” is with my friends and family, 100%. Something that a kid will always have in a home is love, never ending love for that special child. Another thing one kid might have in their house is safety, a child should always have safety in their own home. Children need specific things to help them get on with their life at age 4-6 their parents will help but sometimes they need more then just a parent.