Grade 6

British Columbia

what feels like home to me made into a poem

My Home Poem

Home is like a fresh piece of apple pie that just came out of the oven

Home is like a hot summers day in a cold river flowing just fast enough you slowly drift down the river

Home is like a small busy village with a plan just big enough to keep things a little organized for the day

Home is like a new blooming flower with different coloured petals that look vibrant enough to colour with

Home is like a sip of fresh coffee in the morning to wake you up

Home is like a walk in the morning, it’s always going to be fresh air, it may not be new, but it will always be fresh

Home is like tubing, you never know what way you’re going to turn

Home is calming chaos or just chaos

Home is happy, sad, chaotic, funny, caring, loving, and its home

Home is the place I where quarantine

Home is where I listen to the COUNTRY RADIO!!!!!!(100.7 the raven)

Home is where I cry, sketch, watch anime, have feelings, and family

Home is like a cold winter’s day, sitting by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows

Home is full of energy

Home is where I’m most comfortable

Home will make you smile, laugh, and enjoy yourself!

Home is an off-brand kingdom instead of the dad ruling it’s the mom because mothers are magical (and just THE BEST in genral), then the 1st(youngest) and 2nd(youngest) they are the princesses or princes sometimes both, then the 3rd(middle) is the mischief maker, the 4th(eldest) they keep cover and or help the 3rd with their schemes, the 5th(eldest) the guard they keep things in order when the parents aren’t there and try to stop the 3rd and 4th from causing trouble, thus the off brand kingdom (sorry for how long it is and it may not be a poem but it sure is true)

Home is the best place on earth