Grade 6


What dose home mean to you

Home is a safe place were people have their privacy and can do what they want, without being judged, without people bullying you, hurting your feelings. Home is a safe place where you are also protected by anybody who’d whish harm on you. Home is the place where you come you were born in , home is your country, your city even the world is your home, as long as you live in it, it’s your home. But some people are sometimes mean to you, and that’s what I don’t understand, we all live in this home and we should be nice to each other since we all live in it. It’s l it’s like having roommates, we should respect each other equally since we live in the same home, were stuck together on this planet so we all need to be nice to each other or we’ll just die hating each other. People sometimes litter in our world or pollute it, But people don’t realize that polluting our world will only shorten our life span, killing other animals and just making our future generation horrible. Some say that we are the most smartest and powerful being on this planet, yet why do we fight each other for the most stupidest reasons like expanding territory or just seeing who’s the most powerful human why can’t we go back to the old days where there was no fighting, there was no such thing as borders and finally, wen we didn’t resolve things with killing one and other. Because we know well that because of our mistakes, the sun’s going to blow up in about 5 billion years and what do we do? Just keep littering and littering, it’s kind of disappointing that we have so much potential yet were so naive with it. Scientists are doing their best to find another planet to go to, but what’s gonna happen to all the animals? What’s gonna happen to the animals that even though they can go to, yet will probably never adapt to the habitat, they will die and I think that’s unfair because there death would’ve never have happened if we didn’t come to this world and start polluting it. We should appreciate that we have this earth, so we should use it more wisely. Without this earth we wouldn’t have such a wonderful thing called life, and sure life can be a struggle, but we should appreciate that we are alive, remember all the happy moments in your life then think, if I wasn’t alive right now, I could have never experienced all those happy moments in my life, everybody deserves a place on this earth: the ones that have already had a chance, and the ones yet to come. We should all praise the earth we live on, thank it for bestowing us this wonderful thing called life. And even if we did successfully made to live on mars, or proxima B, or whatever planet that we can live on, we’ll never see the beauty of nature, if we make to another planet, all we’ll see is machines and a empty planet, although maybe there is oxygen and water, but there’s not even a hint of life, sure seeing the stars so close would be quite the experience but it would never be the same as seeing earth because I would definitely given up the stars for a sight like niagra falls or mount everest. Even the not so notable things like plants and trees are so beautiful,the 4 seasons: summer, fall, winter and spring are just so majestic each in their own way nature is almost magical, that’s why we should protect our home earth.And some people say “ Well at least I won’t be alive when that happens.” But don’t you care about future generation? Don’t you care about other people in this world? So if you do, please not only take this as a chance to donate to habitat for humanity, but take this into consideration, and please try to protect our home. Earth.