Grade 6

British Columbia

What Does School Mean To Me

What’s the difference between a house and a home? It’s a question that’s been on everyone’s mind lately. But everyone has a different answer. I thought deeply about mine. Some people say ones a building and the other isn’t. But that’s not the case. My opinion on home may be longer than the one on house. Let’s go.
When house comes to mind you probably think about home. But they are very different. A house is an object, a building. A home can’t be made with wood it doesn’t cost nothing. Home is where your heart is. A home warms you makes you feel safe it’s made of love. Where a house can be cold empty maybe people even died making it your house can be very dangerous.
On the topic of dangers, a house isn’t always safe at any time it could collapse, it could catch fire or the power can go out! Thinking about that it might be harder to sleep in your house now… Sorry. Also in a house you can’t always be you. Where a home… A home you’re safe it can’t be broken you can be you whenever you wish. It’s sort of like Christmas it’s not just about the presents it’s about the love an accompany of it.
Well we are talking about not being alone in a home you’re never alone. NOT in a creepy way but with your emotions. Someone’s always there to help you get better. Sure with a house you might not be always alone but still sometimes when you cry they might say “You’re weak toughen up” or “Get over it its nothing”. That could be really though especially if you’re still a child.
So those where my opinions on house and home. Only if they had more in common. We live in a though sad world these days. But the one thing to never forget is to never lose hope. Stay safe.

-Eve Contois-Laroche