Grade 6


what does meaning of home mean to me?

Hello I’m going to be talking about the meaning of home.

What is the meaning of home? What does it do for you
Home is where you can eat all you want and have lots of water, food and water is so important to have in your home because if you don’t have food or water it won’t really be a home. You need to make sure you eat very healthy.
Home is also where you have your family, parents or gardens. Family is also so important because they are always with you and when you feel scared you know that they are in the same home.
You can also have pets, pets are a very big thing in your life because they are always with you. It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you have so long as you’re happy with him/her. Pets are probably the third most best thing you can have in your home.
games, games are a really big thing in your life because there are all types of games. Video games, video games are good for you, it may seem that its bad because it on screens, but no video games are actually good because if you have any siblings or cousins or any family members or friends you can play video games with them and communicate with them, if you are playing minecraft you can communicate by chat or you can be on FaceTime or anything like that.
Board games, board games are super good to play on, if you are playing monopoly someone can sit beside you and you can play nicely.
sleep, sleep is super important for a home. You are nice and warm and cozy with your blanket and pillow. All of these things are what home means to me, and it’s great!!!!!!